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Ergo-Consult-O.T. Offers Clients Skills for the Job of Living!

2013, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Edmundston

Ergo-Consult-O.T. is the first and only privately owned occupational therapy clinic in Northern New Brunswick. Proud to offer services in both official languages, Ergo-Consult- O.T. focuses on prevention, intervention, consultation and rehabilitation in the work and home environments. Sophie Dupont, occupational therapist, founded this business in 1998. She is a pioneer in her field.

When Sophie Dupont finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Université Laval in 1990, she started her first job by developing the occupational therapy services at the Edmundston Extra Mural Hospital.  It was in this role that Sophie developed a taste for entrepreneurship. She loved the challenge of developing an occupational therapy department at the regional and provincial level, as well as working on the development of policies and procedures not only for Edmundston but also for the whole province.

Before opening her business, Sophie took a variety of professional development and leadership courses, which lasted several months and served as her “springboard” into the business world. To leave a job where all of the benefits were provided took much thought and preparation but this calculated risk paid off!

According to Sophie, the most rewarding aspects of being an entrepreneur are the freedom to make your own decisions, the possibility to create and innovate and the ability to contribute to the regional economy. As for challenges, are penetrating new markets and implementing ideas in the context of our current economic climate.

Sophie credits the members of her family as being her “role models” or sources of inspiration. They are her foundation in terms of courage, toughness, bravery and human sensitivity.

If she could give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, this is what she would say: “Do not be afraid to surround yourself with competent people who have experience in their industry and in the business world right from the start. It’s important to have a mentor if you can! Also, be sure you are passionate about your business because the hours are long, especially when you are first starting!”

Sophie Dupont was the proud recipient of the 2013 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award in Edmundston and she is actively involved in the community and on numerous boards.

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