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2013, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the NB Association of CBDCs

Claudia describes her company in three words: innovative, gratifying, and challenging. CHM Management Group has been in operation for 3 years in the Miramichi and currently staffs 4 employees. The level of professionalism that greets when you speak with anyone at CHM is to be commended. They aren’t just about filling numbers or jobs ~ they’re about the individual looking for work and the companies that are trying to hire the right person. In order to accomplish this, her company is on the cutting edge of innovation: it is the only company of its kind that has married recruiting, training, testing, and even travel! In her previous work experience Claudia has performed all these duties for one company. CHM delivers it all and this vast array of services are available to everyone. This makes for a gratifying work environment for her employees as well as the clients that use her services. Her business is all about assisting the individual or company so that everyone goes to work with the right skills and proper training. Making all the puzzle pieces fit and helping to be a part of sustaining the Miramichi employment culture is critical to Claudia’s success. It can be a challenge to always keep informed to new and changing protocols for companies, but Claudia is a driven woman who looks after the fine details of any project that she is working on.
The NB Association of CBDCs through their Development Officer, Nadine Duguay, has really helped Claudia continue to refine and grow her business. “The smartest thing I ever did was to participate in the Step-Up Mentorship Program! I am so grateful that Nadine encouraged me to take part and kept pushing me to get involved. It was a big turning point for me. I try to join in the workshops, socials, and trainings as much as possible as what I learn is very helpful.”
This year Claudia was the recipient of the NB Association of CBDCs Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for the Northumberland Region at the Miramichi Chamber of Commerce Gala of Excellence. “I was quite shocked when I received the call! I knew that nominations and such were going on, but it never entered my mind that I’d be nominated let alone win. It really is a wonderful validation of all the hard work, dedication, and time that has gone into my company. I am so pleased to receive this award,” says Claudia.

Her best piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to find out what you love, where your strengths lie, and find a way to make money out of it. Then what you do to earn a living will never seem like simply “work.” Expound on your strengths and “No matter what you want to do... do it. The sky’s the limit. That’s what I was told by many people. Believe in yourself.”
On behalf of the NB Association of CBDCs, congratulations to Claudia on her very deserving award and we wish you continued prosperity in your enterprise.

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Danielle Sullivan has been a great resource to me with my business. Danielle is very intuitive, and understands what Lil' Angel Gifts means to me, and where I want to go with my vision. She's taken the initiative to recommend specific training and resources, things that have helped me tremendously. I will continue to look to her for advice and resources, as well as share future accomplishments with her, so she can keep cheering me on :)
- Jennifer Fiander

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