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Soins de Qualité Atlantik Quality Care

Atlantik Quality Care: Aging with Grace

It is an undisputable fact that one of the fastest growing demographics in Canada is that of baby boomers approaching retirement, which accounts for approximately one-third of this country’s entire population. Add to these numbers the amount of people who have already reached 65 or older and you have a huge market that are searching for caring, capable and quality in-home care. And this is exactly what Nathalie Arseneau White; owner/director of Soins de Qualité Atlantik Quality Care does for seniors in the Restigouche Chaleur, NB area.

At the start of 2005, Ms. Arseneau White took a good look around her hometown and saw that there were a lot of ‘young at heart’ folks who wanted to remain in their own environment, but needed a helping hand every now and then in order to live a quality lifestyle and still remain in the place they called home. Some of these people suffered physical limitations due to medical incapacities, while others had lost their spouse and were now living on their own again and needed assistance with relatively minor things such as grocery shopping, being taken to and from appointments etc. So, on April 4, 2005, Ms. White decided to take a leap of faith, become an entrepreneur and Soins de Qualité Atlantik Quality Care was born.

“Our whole company philosophy is about providing quality care while respecting our client’s individual requirements,” says Ms. White. “I make sure that all of my team members know that not only are they providing a much needed service to the people they may be tending to, but that it is mandatory that they treat their clients as if they are cherished members of their own families. Also, all our staffs are required to complete a full CPR training as well as receive their certification to perform First Aid should it be needed. I personally screen all applicants to ensure that only the best people work for my company,” states Ms. Arseneau White. 

When Ms. Arseneau White first had the dream of opening a homecare service for people of all ages, she ran into a lot of brick walls. “I tried to secure the necessary financing to start my business, but I kept running into brick walls and hearing the words, ‘Sorry, but we can’t help you,” she says. “Then someone suggested that I contact the CBDC Restigouche to see if they could help me out. After my first meeting with them, I came home with almost more information than I could handle. They not only helped me arrange much needed financing, but they also provided me with solid business counselling in areas where I needed more knowledge. Plus I know that even now after having been in business for over 4 years, I can still call their offices and get answers to questions I may have about different aspects of running my company. It certainly is great to know that I have a super support team at the CBDC that I can call on when needed.”

What sets Atlantik Quality Care apart from other homecare services are their individual customized programs that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each person they care for. Their clients do not have to purchase a specific plan or amount of time and Ms. Arseneau White is always eager to assist them with any specific requests they may have. Some of the services that Atlantik Quality Care offer are personal care, light housekeeping, shopping and running errands, meal preparation, palliative care, as well as offering companionship to those who may be confined to their homes.

Having the caregivers go directly to the client’s home is a big plus for many elderly people. For example, just knowing that every Thursday someone is coming to their home to take care of the dusting, vacuuming or perhaps take them out for groceries, gives the seniors added peace of mind while allowing them to remain in familiar surroundings. “It’s all about the wonderful people we get to meet in the run of a day,” says Ms. Arseneau White. “After a while most of our clients become sort of an extended family to us, and the particular caregiver assigned to each client truly does care about their wellbeing. I firmly believe we have so much to learn from our older and definitely much wiser members of our community,’ Ms. Arseneau White enthusiastically states. “Age should be looked at as just a number, not a hindrance to living a rich, full life. And that’s what Atlantik Quality Care strives to provide for all our clients, so they can age gracefully and with dignity.”

Marlene Oulton
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