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Aux Mille Herbes Produit Naturel, Inc.

2009, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by CBDC Péninsule acadienne

A Tranquil and Relaxing Experience at Aux Mille Herbes Produit Naturel, Inc. with Irène Boucher

Imaging walking into a place and smelling fresh bread. There is no better smell and no better feeling. This is a reality when you visit Irène Boucher, owner and operator of Aux Mille Herbes Produit Naturel, Inc., une entreprise située à Caraquet.

With over nine years of education experience in natural medicine and with 15 years of experience in this field, Irène built a solid reputation as owner and operator of Aux Mille Herbes Produit Naturel, Inc., a business situated in Caraquet. Irene values customer service and is considered an expert in her field.
This year Irène was rightfully selected as Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 for the Péninsule acadienne. This award was presented by the NB Association of CBDCs.

Some of the fantastic products and services that Irène offers include:

A variety of natural products, food and vitamins, bio products for diabetics, natural medicine consultations, flour fabrication on site, body and beauty products, private assistance, tea and tisanes, oil and counselling of women in need.

 You can see from this wide variety of products and services, that there is something for everyone at Aux Milles Herbes. Furthermore, this unique business is the only place in New Brunswick, where they make their own flour, and this trailblazer has been doing it for over 12 years.

Irène has been interested in natural medicin all her life. Growing up on a farm, she was always around animals and nature. In her youth, she left for Montreal and worked in different hospitals and then returned to the Acadian Peninsula in the 80s after a twenty year absence. Her desire to open a business in the health sector, led her to approach the CBDC Péninsule acadienne in 1994. The financial support they provided her, enabled Irène to purchase the products she needed to get started and her business has been on a growth path since.

Aux Milles Herbes now has two full-time employees and a part-time staff and has grown both their product line and also her business by creating a kitchen where she can bake her products.

Not only is Irène a successful business owner but she is also very involved in the community by contributing to the theatre and different organizations that require her time. In addition, she is also invited to serve as a guest speaker at various events.

When you visit this special shop, you will find that respect and confidentiality are the cornerstones off this enterprise.

If Irène could offer advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs, she would say, “Have passion and self-confidence and be sure to like what you are doing. Embrace every change and opportunity as it happens.”
This savvy entrepreneur is always learning and takes every opportunity to pursue more education. Irène truly loves what she is doing and never wants to give up.

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"We, women in business are mothers, wives, even grand-parents. We run a compnay, while acting as mothers and taking care of a family. It is very important to have an award ceremony to recognize women in business. It was a great evening and it is nice to get out, relax and treat ourselves."
- Nadine Levesque

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