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Heather Beal and her partner Gordon Melvin recently launched Meltech Thermal Imaging, an innovative new company that uses an infrared camera to take thermal images and scans of buildings. The pictures and scans provided by the company will allow home owners and building proprietors to detect problems such as missing insulation, moisture problems, air and water leakage, plumbing and electrical damages to name just a few, allowing clients to save valuable time and money.

According to a client, Mark Belliveau of Moncton, “With Meltechs’ thermal imaging camera, your homes little secrets will soon disappear. Their services can allow you to find all those spots where heat loss is happening without your knowledge. In my home, I had suspicions that I was loosing heat from my sloped ceiling, but I had no way to confirm it without destructive investigations. The camera was able to validate my concerns and allowed me to make the necessary corrective repairs, and only in the areas that needed it. The money you will spend on their services is ultimately a wise investment.”

The key to their business success is providing clients with quality service. Heather has always had a keen business sense and a passion to help people. According to Heather, “Both my brother and sister are entrepreneurs so business has always been in my blood.” Heather just had to find the right niche.

Her journey into the business world though, started in 2003, when she decided to return to school and pursue a dental assisting certification at Oulton Business College. Simultaneously, her life and business partner Gordon, a Certified Engineering Technologist and a Gold Seal Project Manger with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, established Meltech Building Services. It is a service based business specializing in all aspects of construction management for the novice and new home owner. Heather served as a project coordinator for Meltech Building Services while working as a dental assistant. Heather realized that she was wearing too many hats and needed focus, when she attended Paula Morand’s JumpStart 720 executive coaching program hosted by Florine LeBlanc of the NB Association of CBDC’s. This courageous woman decided stop dental assisting to become more focussed and to put Meltech Thermal Imaging on the map and develop it to its full potential.

On the rewards of being an entrepreneur, “I enjoy the independence and how it improved mine and my family’s lifestyle. It was a big step to take and required a leap of faith but it was worth it. It is nice to have the personal and financial freedom and not have to work for someone else”

On the challenges, Heather says it is getting known in the market. Infrared cameras have been used before but not significantly in the residential sector. Both Heather and Gordon are certified Level 1 Thermographers, having received their training through ITC and both are firm believers in education and training.

To aspiring entrepreneurs or other people in business, she believes, “You should never give up, be patient, always believe in yourself and to surround yourself with friends, family and loved ones.”

It is a busy year at Meltech so be sure to visit: http://www.meltechthermal.com/ or http://www.meltechbuilding.com/ for all of your home and building needs.



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Danielle Sullivan has been a great resource to me with my business. Danielle is very intuitive, and understands what Lil' Angel Gifts means to me, and where I want to go with my vision. She's taken the initiative to recommend specific training and resources, things that have helped me tremendously. I will continue to look to her for advice and resources, as well as share future accomplishments with her, so she can keep cheering me on :)
- Jennifer Fiander

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