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Go-Go Gymnastics Inc.

2011, Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
2016, NB CBDC Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2016, CBDC Atlantic Business Award of Distinction

Go-Go Getter Kara Hachey Is a Rising Star

When asked why she’s so outgoing, Kara Hachey simply states ‘because I had no other choice!’ Kara’s father was a military engineer and because of this their family moved seven times before she was nine years old. Being the new kid all the time, Kara could not be anything but outgoing to make new friends regularly. Finally in 1991, the Hachey’s settled in New Maryland, where Kara’s lived since. From the moment they arrived the family knew it was home and there would not be anymore transfers.

Kara’s father always taught his children to give back to their community and at the same time learn from these experiences. Her strong work ethic, being active, learning life skills – this is how Kara Hachey has become the successful young entrepreneur that she is today. From an early age Kara’s energetic and out going personality has been in motion.

In high school she was involved in Junior Achievement (JA), which encourages students to create a company and product to sell, improve public speaking, gain leadership skills and learn many other aspects of being an entrepreneur. Kara is now on the Board of Directors for JA and believes that their initiatives in high schools are really exposing entrepreneurship as an exciting career option.
Kara’s ambition has led to countless awards and recognition. Being a certified gymnastics coach and one of UNB’s elite MBA students, is a combination that ignited the idea for Go-Go Gymnastics Inc. It began in her New Venture and Entrepreneurship class that challenges students to develop a business plan. She and three group members introduced the class to the dynamic “Go-Go Gymnastics” plan. The group received the $1000 Merritthew de Grandpre prize in Entrepreneurship for having the best business plan in the class.

Kara and fellow group member, Jeff Barrett, went further with the idea and entered the plan in the CIBC Business Plan Competition where it received recognition for best pitch. Determined to get this venture exposed, Kara and Jeff refined the plan and entered it in the NBIF Innovation Student Entrepreneur Awards. The plan won first prize; $20,000 to go towards the business’s start-up.
This was just one year ago, since then Kara’s brought Go-Go Gymnastics to life. Purchasing her state of the art mobile equipment and getting her certified coaches lined up took little time and Go-Go was in full swing by the summer. There was a bit of a slow start but by the time the school year rolled around, registration in the program was growing steadily. In the past eight months Kara has taught gymnastics to over 800 children.

Kara credits a lot of her business’ success to her mentors who have always been willing to lend their expertise. Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO Scholarship included a free mentorship and Stephen Burns from BulletProof Soluctions and Ken Leblanc from PropertyGuys.Com was selected. They have proven to be an invaluable resource to Kara. When faced with some human resources issues, her mentors were eager to provide their wisdom on often the most sensitive subject. Just knowing that Stephen and Ken are there for back-up and advice means the world to Kara.

Kara has said more than once that Go-Go Gymnastics Inc. would not have been possible without the support and generosity of the people from CBDC. “CBDC provided Go-Go Gymnastics with three of the strongest stepping-stones needed in a start up venture: hand-on learning opportunities, supportive staff, and required finances to get the business rolling. Without the CBDC’s support, I firmly believe that Go-Go Gymnastics would not be where it is today. I am very thankful for their support and encouragements in making my dreams come true.”

Kara believes that being entrepreneur is about bringing your passion to life. Lucky for us, her passion is getting New Brunswick’s youth active and fighting the child obesity problem one balance beam at a time. Statistics now reveal that over 30 per cent of children in New Brunswick are considered to be overweight, which is more than the national average. With this growing epidemic, it’s becoming so important that our province try to tackle this problem and teach our youth about living a healthy lifestyle right from the beginning; that is why Kara’s gymnastics courses begin for those as young as 18 months.

Kara’s already thinking about the expansion of her enterprise – new truck and equipment to transport across municipalities in all of Atlantic Canada. Also, her team has drafted an instructional manual for her coaches that she’d someday like to see published. This young entrepreneur’s refreshing attitude and company is making waves province wide. There is no doubt that this rising star will always be on the go-go.

Kara Hachey, President
Go-Go Gymnastics Inc.


o BBA ‘05, MBA ‘06
o NBIF Student Entrepreneur Prize First Prize, awarded $20,000 to Kara Hachey and Jeff Barrett.
o Atlantic Business Magazine’s 2006 Top 50 CEO Scholarship of $5,000.
o Chair of NB Youth Advisory Council
o Junior Achievement Board of Directors.
o Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame Board of Governors
o Merritthew de Grandpre prize in Entrepreneurship $1000
o CIBC Business Plan competition won the “pitch” contest - $250.
o Grad Class President (Class of 2005)
o Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2002
o UNB Student Union Volunteer Award in 2005.
o Prince of Wales Community Leadership Scholarship in 2001.
o Fredericton High’s Student of the Year 2001.

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