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Flowers Speak to Your Heartstrings at Les Fleurs D’Acadie

When shopping for flowers, the last thing you expect to be asked by the florist is “Who are the flowers for?” “What are the person’s interests?” “What color are his/her eyes?” Enter Les Fleurs D’Acadie. Owner, Marie Lanteigne takes pride in helping you find exactly what you're looking for; in fact, her job is only complete once you do.
Marie is more than an arranger; she is a professional designer who feels that “flowers are an expression of the heart”.

Les Fleurs D’Acadie is located in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Her two-story shop was once her deceased father’s home. Convinced that his spirit is still present and other people can attest to this; Marie credits her love of flowers and nature to her father. He always had a garden when she was growing up and he taught her to respect and love all living things.

“It is not often that men in construction give flowers to clients. When I want something special and unique, I will go and see Marie. She never makes the same thing twice. Her designs tell a story of the person, who they are for. The last two bouquets I bought from Marie made the women cry and left the men speechless. That is the kind of reaction her bouquets receives,” said one of Marie’s clients, a male working in the trade industry.

Marie’s creations have a European influence and she also draws upon the Acadian culture. She studied floral design at the Algonquin College in Ottawa and was the only apprentice chosen to assist a famous European artist. When you are an apprentice, you are not allowed to touch flowers for a year. Marie was so talented that they made an exception and let her do arrangements.

Marie has also been re-educating people about flowers. Many people do not want to receive flowers because they feel that they lack that unique element. Marie’s designs give people the “taste for flowers again.” She follows a Japanese philosophy when it comes to flowers, where everything from the seed to the sun are important. Her clientele is split 50/50 men and women and many young people come to her shop.  She is creating a “joie de vivre” for flowers in Acadie.

Marie’s floral designs are so amazing that flower designers from as far as Montreal come to witness her work. Furthermore, her supplier from Montreal calls her when a new item arrives. Marie always wants to improve her skills so she frequents flower shows in Drummondville and gets the latest European magazines. Although, Marie just knows innately what looks good and is often doing the same designs as shown in magazines without even knowing it.

Marie Lanteigne credits Diane Vigneault, development officer with the NB Association of CBDCs for helping the growth of her business. “Diane helped me a lot. She put me on track when it comes to business concepts, time management and paperwork. It is great to know that there is someone there to help you.”  In addition, Marie took several courses offered by the NB Association of CBDCs including Simply Accounting.

This vibrant business owner has many aspirations for the future. She has devised a concept based on European flower design that would enable her to sell “ready made flowers” to larger retail chains. Furthermore, she would like to sell her designs to corporations. She also sees finishing the upstairs in her shop as a place to design flowers and also to create a garden environment outside her business.

The next time you are in Caraquet; do not hesitate to stop by Les Fleurs D’Acadie. You will be amazed at Marie’s creations. They are unique, gorgeous and will be sure to tug on your heartstrings. She uses materials that other people do not even consider to guarantee that you will leave with a bouquet that will make you smile and cry.






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