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Heartbreak Boutique

Classic, Quirky and Timeless Fashion for Everyone

Located in Saint John, Heartbreak Boutique offers clients a mix of classic and quirky styles with modern and fun twists. Owner Pam Wheaton aspires to create an environment for everyone regardless of his or her size, shape, gender and ethnicity. Her ultimate goal is for everyone to feel safe and beautiful.

This entrepreneur went into business for herself because fulfilment in her day-to-day work life was more important than a steady nine to five job. She also always had a love of out of the ordinary fashion, which was unavailable in the region at the time. She saw a niche market that was not serviced and seized the opportunity to launch her boutique.

Heartbreak Boutique has been in operation for over five and a half years and currently employees one part-time employee. Long term, Pam would like to build her business to the point where she can have a few more employees. She would also like to create a small in-store line of clothing as well as open a second location elsewhere in New Brunswick.

If she could offer advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, "Use all the resources that are available to you - including other business people -, you would be surprised how generous they are with sharing information, success, tips and failures!"
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"I would like to thank you for picking Ben's Clothing for the retail consulting makeover.  I very much enjoyed talking to Barbara.  She has wonderful insites on what to do to refresh my store.  I was extremly excited of the ideas put together thats in my budget for now and also in the near future.
The 1st part of the seminar, had opened my eyes to the reality of my challenges and concerns, statistics, operating cost and marketing which is a huge part that can not be ignored. It's a must to have a list of issues to know it and control it.  This is a large part of my battles that I face but placed them in the back burner. 
When Barbara came into my store I wasn't sure what to expect because in the seminar she was leaning towards makeovers for a new store or toronto style store.  I had no idea that a little bit of paint in a different color will bring out what I want to promote.  She had alot of new ideas that are in the budget and I'm going to make it happen!
Thank you again for filling me in with the seminars that are offered.  I'm always willing to get informed and always moving forward."

- Hazel McLean

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