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Solution Santé ImaJne inc.

Sylvie Levesque's career path did not point toward such a quick leap into business. In 1994, she graduated in Business Administration from Université de Moncton and soon landed a job with the optometrists Albert and Boulay.  She then held a position at National Bank in Saint-Quentin for over a year. Thereafter, she learned that a position was available with Groupe Savoie Inc. in the accounting department. Given her thirst for learning, she quickly moved up the corporate ladder.

Sylvie Levesque worked for this last company for 15 and a half years. The last two years, she held the position of director of the accounting department. Despite her good working conditions, she wanted to experience new challenges. In October 2013, Sylvie decided to take the big leap into business by starting her own business under the name Solution Santé ImaJne inc.

This business operates La Sandwicherie, La Popote Roulante and Glace SSI. In 2016, Sylvie Levesque won the Women Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Saint-Quentin Chamber of Commerce. The business relies on the support of 6 employees.

For the delivery of its sandwiches, the business serves a large territory: the areas of Grand Falls, Saint-Léonard, Rivière-Verte and Edmundston. Once a week, delivery goes as far as Saint-François. Moreover, the production is sold to a distributor in charge of covering the regions of Campbellton, Pointe-à-la-Croix, Dalhousie and Bathurst. The areas of Saint-Quentin and Kedgwick are of course included in this perimeter.

In the spring of 2014, a new competitor entered the market. Since the territory was now being shared, Sylvie had to tackle some challenges to ensure the competitiveness of her business. She didn't give up. Effort and energy were expanded on customer service, which paid off since some customers chose to remove competing products from their shelves in the spring of 2015. A lesson learned from this experience:  "never give up, always persevere", says Sylvie.

Solution Santé ImaJne inc. offers the following products and services:
Glace SSI: ice distributor in Saint-Quentin and Kedgwick in convenience stores and during various activities and festivals in the area.

La Popote Roulante: in collaboration with Social Development, hot and balanced meals are delivered to the homes of seniors or persons with special needs, between 11:20 and 12:20 for the regions of Saint-Quentin, Saint-Martin and Kedgwick, from Monday to Friday. The service is also available to "private" clients who wish to benefit from it. Certain entrepreneurs in Saint-Quentin also use the service, either for meetings or business luncheons.

Catering service: cold or hot buffets for family reunions, Christmas parties, happy hour, wine and cheese, graduations, weddings or other events.

Since July 2015, a new sector of activity was added to the business with dishes for the Simply For Life (SFL) franchise in Campbellton. Over 30 dishes are delivered in Campbellton on a weekly basis. In October of the same year, a first delivery was made to the Edmundston SFL. Weekly deliveries are sent to these two locations.

Sylvie Levesque is a woman entrepreneur who is full of ideas. Since there are only 24 hours in a day and that financing is often a challenge for small entrepreneurs, she has not yet had the opportunity to develop everything she wishes to market. In 2016, she wishes to further computerize her business in order to have a better control of sales, better analysis reports, while facilitating deliveries. For this determined woman entrepreneur, quality is of the utmost importance. Everything made and delivered on behalf of Solution Santé ImaJne inc. must be synonymous with quality and must satisfy customers at all times.
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