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Janice Butler was born in Paquetville, a small village located in Northern New Brunswick. From an early age, she developed a passion for the arts: dancing, figure skating and painting to name a few.  Janice was also a scholar, graduating high school with the Governor General Award. Janice found that deciding what to pursue for post secondary ended up being challenging. She went with her heart and studied Drama-Art for a year at the Université de Moncton. But, knowing that she needed to make a living, her left brain beckoned her to study Information Technology at the NB Community College.

Janice started getting the entrepreneurial bug when she got introduced to a seminar leading for an international management consulting firm (DMR Group/Fujitsu Consulting). Janice says, “I loved the interaction with people, the stage energy…the only thing missing was the flexibility to create my own programs and make them more…Wow!”

When Janice needed to know how to incorporate her business and create a company name, she contacted the NB Association of CBDCs and former development officer Julie O’Brien pointed her in the right direction.

This led Janice to open Creative Breeze Training Inc. where she acts as a seminar leader and motivational speaker.  Janice is known for her enthusiasm and the energy involved in her presentations. Her seminars are thought-provoking, fun, applicable and of course musical. She uses sounds and music to evoke intrigue and energy. This entrepreneur finds people learn better when they use all of their senses.

Furthermore, Janice not only shares her knowledge in Canada but has been asked to speak all over the world; including Australia, France, Belgium, England, and the United States. One client says of Janice, “Janice is a very good speaker; she makes everything so interesting; very inspiring, enthusiastic.  It’s no wonder she has been asked to teach all over the world.”

When asked about the greatest reward of being an entrepreneur, Janice would say the flexibility to start her own schedule and designing her own material. For the greatest challenge, Janice adds that it would be marketing and promotion. Word-of-Mouth has proved very effective for Janice; however she has been partnering with LimeLight Communications Group and hopes to eventually partner with international speaker’s bureaus.

If Janice could give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, she says, “Find something you are really passionate about that makes you happy. Then make the steps one after another, and then celebrate the milestones.”

Janice’s role models are as follows: Her husband, for the love, the support and the belief in her potential, Ellen DeGeneres for making her laugh, Oprah Winfrey for being profound, her mother for teaching her the principles of leading a happy life and Anthony Robbins for confirming her mother’s philosophy.

There is no doubt that this energetic entrepreneur will continue to wow audiences with her creative breeze.

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 “When I met the NB Association of CBDC’s they were willing to help and give advice, that’s when I really felt like I had made the choice by opening this business in New Brunswick. You just don’t get that attention in bigger cities.” In Toronto for example there may not have been an economic development agency that is eager for you to open your own business.
- Jennifer Estey

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