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tOTal ability: A Passion for Occupational Therapy Drives Her Success

Christel Seeberger’s passion for her occupational therapy and helping others is contagious. This energetic and positive entrepreneur holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy from McGill University, graduating in 1993.  Although she is originally from Montréal, she has made Saint John, New Brunswick her home since 1997.

Despite the fact that both of her parents ran small businesses, Christel never envisioned becoming an entrepreneur when she chose her profession.  In 2002, she was training to run a marathon for Team Diabetes in memory of her mother.  As a non-athlete her runs were rather long, and that gave her a lot of time to think.  While pounding the pavement she was inspired to start my own business.

Christel owns and operates a business that provides occupational therapy to children, adults and seniors at their home, school, work, care home and a paediatric clinic (in Saint John) throughout southern New Brunswick.  She has four occupational therapists that work with her as well as a clinic assistant.  They work with individuals and groups that have a variety of challenges to their daily occupations. They:  help school-aged children improve handwriting, help pre-schoolers master developmental skills; teach parents about good back care with infants; teach employees how to prevent injuries at work, assess worksites to improve safety or productivity; help seniors stay independent in their homes; and teach caregivers how to be safe when providing physical assistance.

Christel loves learning new skills every day, and she has to in order to stay in business. According to Christel, “It makes me think every day… and I have so much more to learn and do, that challenges me.”

When asked about role models, Christel says, “My role models are the other women in business I meet.  I am so inspired by the accomplishments of other women who balance so much more than I in their personal and professional lives and create such opportunities for others.  The best advice I have received is to do the most difficult thing first…and just go for it!”
 If she could give anyone advice, Christel says, “Don’t be afraid to ask for and seek help and mentorship.  The community of women in business is really incredibly supportive…as I have been mentored by other women, so too, I provide support and encourage to colleagues I meet who are just starting their business journey.”

The NB Association of CBDCs helped Christel to receive funding to attend an innovative workshop on marketing. She has enjoyed mentoring as well as specific skill development such as accounting and organization.  “I wouldn’t be here today without the support of Women in Business.”

In 2007, Christel was the recipient of the Evalyn Fleiger Award from the New Brunswick Association of Occupational Therapists.  In her nomination speech, Dawn Hunter, occupational therapist and nominator said of Christel: “She is not a person to back away from a challenge. Her determination, vision and dedication have enabled her to become a leader in occupational therapy.”


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“I find the Women in Business Initiative like a breath of fresh air. The ladies seem very comfortable with a gathering of their peers and perhaps more willing to speak up on issues of interest or concern to them. The guest speakers and discussion topics we choose for our meetings are of interest to the majority of the women. I wish there had been a group like this years ago. I am grateful to you and CBDC for all the help you’ve given our group in its founding and continued growth.”
- Shelley McKeeman,

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