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Wanigan Consulting: Untapped Alternatives

Everything you need to maximize the potential within your organization and to positively impact the communities you serve.

Christy Arseneau is the owner and sole proprietor of Wanigan Consulting, located in Fredericton. With a "think global act local" mindset, Wanigan Consulting promotes excellence in municipal governance, change management and attainable environmental actions at the community level.

After having a successful career in the municipal, regional and federal levels of the government, this dynamic leader wanted to try something different. So, with the support of her family and CBDC, she took the exciting plunge into entrepreneurship. Christy developed Wanigan Consulting to draw from her municipal and environmental experience to help communities make a concrete difference.

Christy holds many credentials including a Master of Forest Conservation (Urban Forestry) from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from the University of New Brunswick, and National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration Levels I and II from Dalhousie University.

Christy foresees her business as the go to company for small to medium sized municipalities that want assistance to save money and increase their environmental resilience. From internal process changes that reduce fuel consumption to community-wide visions to better use green spaces to reduce the impact of flash floods, Wanigan will help municipalities make those local opportunities a reality.
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 “When I met the NB Association of CBDC’s they were willing to help and give advice, that’s when I really felt like I had made the choice by opening this business in New Brunswick. You just don’t get that attention in bigger cities.” In Toronto for example there may not have been an economic development agency that is eager for you to open your own business.
- Jennifer Estey

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