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Fiready Inc.

Marielle Nadeau Clair is co-owner and director of sales and marketing in the family-owned manufacturing plant in Clair, New Brunswick. Fiready Inc. processes a mix of hardwood species to 16 in length logs that are split, then kiln-dried, surpassing the heat-treatment requirements to certify insect and mildew-free packaged firewood.

This unique enterprise was launched in 1999 it currently operates on two shifts, with  12 full-time employees and six part-time/seasonal employees.

Marielle is originally from Saint François de Madawaska, in Northwest New Brunswick. The youngest of seven children, she comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her father was an entrepreneur, dedicated his life to the economic development of the region and her mother was an intellectual who showed incredible support to her husband. Marielle is often said to have the same affinities as her father.

She began her career in 1973 as a licensed nurse, and, in 1979, she chose to be a stay-at-home Mom to raise her three sons, Jesse James, Ian Robert and Alexander Peter. In1985, she took over the bookkeeping duties of the “Clair” family business. It was her mother-in-law who taught her accounting which she herself had learned from her father-in-law twenty-five years prior. Marielle kept this position until 2000.

This dynamic entrepreneur remembers spending hours with her husband Peter, dreaming of the business and consulting thousands of contacts to make  their dream a reality. “We surrounded ourselves with people who could develop and fund the project. It was truly a team effort!”

The most gratifying aspect of being a woman in business according to Marielle was being selected as the prestigious recipient of the 2014 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by REFAM. “Being recognized for my professional qualities highlights my efforts for the past 15 years. I feel so proud to reassure my husband our two sons that we have a business that stands out in the “female business community”
If she could give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Marielle says “Plan, be passionate about your project, don’t be scared to consult and surround yourself with people with knowledge to help you. Embrace it with open arms!”

Marielle is a lifelong learner and her passion for client service and her strong attention to detail have helped build brand loyalty and often result in references.
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2018/08/22 Business Model Canvas Northwest

"I would like to thank you for picking Ben's Clothing for the retail consulting makeover.  I very much enjoyed talking to Barbara.  She has wonderful insites on what to do to refresh my store.  I was extremly excited of the ideas put together thats in my budget for now and also in the near future.
The 1st part of the seminar, had opened my eyes to the reality of my challenges and concerns, statistics, operating cost and marketing which is a huge part that can not be ignored. It's a must to have a list of issues to know it and control it.  This is a large part of my battles that I face but placed them in the back burner. 
When Barbara came into my store I wasn't sure what to expect because in the seminar she was leaning towards makeovers for a new store or toronto style store.  I had no idea that a little bit of paint in a different color will bring out what I want to promote.  She had alot of new ideas that are in the budget and I'm going to make it happen!
Thank you again for filling me in with the seminars that are offered.  I'm always willing to get informed and always moving forward."

- Hazel McLean

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